Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Cricut Woes...

Evening I was FINALLY getting my crafting mojo back after WEEKS of stagnation and had an ATC designed in design studio ready to cut ...when I went to turn on my Cricut and load my mat on Friday and it WOULDN'T load!! In fact none of the buttons were responding except the power!!!  I called Provo Craft 3 times for help and after the ridiculous reset process which DIDN'T WORK and then the UPDATING of my CRICUT from Design Studio which DIDN'T WORK  the THIRD time I called I got a guy that finally said if I did all that and it didn't could be that one of the updates killed it or something and he is sending me a new Expression out on Monday and even doing expedited shipping since I told him I had a project deadline...which I do! So I have to wait til Wed/Thurs to get my replacement E!! ARRGHHH!!! 

There goes my mojo! But once I am back in business... I will of course post the completed ATCs that I am making for a swap....each member of the swap has a turn to choose a theme and one of the ladies is into Gothic stuff and chose the theme Skulls and it makes for an interesting combination and I think I finally have what I am creating nailed to CUT IT!! I miss my Cricut!!! WAHH!! LOL OK I will stop! I am just glad that Provo Craft is replacing it for me! YAY!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Jumbo EZer Pull Ribbon Purse

Evening Bloggers! Hope this post finds you all in great health and spirits! So I have been trying to organize my scrap life and back in May I had bought a box FULL of ribbon from a scrapbooker lady having a yard sale for $3 and after going through the box she had a TON of ribbon in that one box and a lot of it was brand new on spools the spools!

SO I was interested in that EZ ribbon bag by Your Pictured Memor-EZ and didn't have a bag to make my own and didn't want to go through all that trouble of making one and punching all those holes so I started looking for one for a good deal online. WELL...they have TWO sizes of the EZ ribbon purse...the regular 10" one and the Jumbo one...SO...looking at the two online...and looking at my box of ribbon...I didn't think that the smaller size would fit it I went with the jumbo one and I got it today! But OMG this thing is MASSIVE! Take a look! I think I will have lots of space to grow my ribbon collection with this baby!

I will show another pic after I have put all my ribbon in it! You can view the line of storage products that Your Pictured Memor-EZ HERE!